Why “Ariel the Human?”

While it's true that "Ariel the Human" is a play on words, its real meaning is a whole lot deeper. And I actually stumbled upon it quite by accident.

A few years ago when I set up my email account, I decided on using "arielthehuman" as part of it, because every time I meet someone they say "Oh! Like Ariel the Mermaid!" when they hear my name. When I was trying to think of a name for my vlog, I initally considered Ariel the Human. I immediately discarded the idea though, because it was a pun, and I didn't people to think my channel was comedy.

As I was getting a little deeper planning my vlog and deciding what sort of things I would talk, I kept coming down to this main theme of authenticity. I felt that so many Youtubers are looked upon as having "perfect" lives or some such nonsense. I don't have a vlog because I actually have it all together and now can help all the poor un-togethers. No. Seriously no.

In short, I felt the deep need of really being as real as I can in this vlog. As I was writing my "mission statement" of sorts, I found myself typing "I am me. I am real. I am human."


And just like that, the "silly" name became the foundation and trademark of my desire for authenticity.

For more about why I care about humans being real and connecting and whatnot, check out my latest video:


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