Two Years of Marriage

The journey has only just begun, my dear. Life is an ocean, and we have taken a rather daring step by stepping into one boat to sail across it. While this allows for some splendid moments of sunset kisses and starry-eyed dancing, it also adds a bit of complication to the ride. We have own ideas for what direction to head, and how fast to sail. Though we are often in agreement, the smooth waters can burst into turbulent waves […]

To Speak Love in Your Language

How strangely we talk, my dear.   Each doing, as fully as we can, exactly what we want to receive. Each waiting vainly for that to be reciprocated. We give; why no return? We speak, but we cannot hear.   And the other, in being given to fully, receives very little. I bring you a list when you come home – see, here are all the things I got done today. Wasn’t I so productive?   You are not thrilled. […]