God’s love

He makes no promise

I’ve begun reading the book of Job. It seems to fly in the face of Proverbs, which promises good things to do those who do good, and bad to those who do bad. Job is exceptionally righteous. And he is put through the most horrendous of tragedies. Proverbs logic isn’t found here, and interestingly that is what the whole book shows — how all Job’s friends try to make sense of his suffering, when in fact no sense is made. […]


Grace is an enormous word. Lately I have been seeing and hearing this word from all sides. On the radio, in a blogpost, from my friends in conversation, in the sermon, in my daily devotionals… grace. What does it mean? If you close your eyes, then imagine grace, what do you see, feel and hear? I feel enveloping relief. A sweet release of tension, fear, and shame. I feel warm and loved. I hear singing, Him singing over me. I […]

Better Than Life

“Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.” Running across this verse in my Psalm 63, I had to pause for a moment. Better than life. What an interesting phrase. How can something be better than life? It’s easy to say that something is better than life, but none of us have actually experienced not having life, so how would we really know? Perhaps then, this means simply that the object that is “better than […]