Better Than Life

“Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.” Running across this verse in my Psalm 63, I had to pause for a moment. Better than life. What an interesting phrase. How can something be better than life? It’s easy to say that something is better than life, but none of us have actually experienced not having life, so how would we really know? Perhaps then, this means simply that the object that is “better than […]

To Speak Love in Your Language

How strangely we talk, my dear.   Each doing, as fully as we can, exactly what we want to receive. Each waiting vainly for that to be reciprocated. We give; why no return? We speak, but we cannot hear.   And the other, in being given to fully, receives very little. I bring you a list when you come home – see, here are all the things I got done today. Wasn’t I so productive?   You are not thrilled. […]

Create vs. Consume

On this blustery day, I’ve been reflecting on the unconscious choice we all make every day. To consume. It’s not “bad” and it’s not a purposeful choice, it’s just a default. I know it’s true for me at least. When I have minutes to spare, I tend to either start browsing social media, or do some form of shopping. (Shopping for me is usually not clothes, but houses and vacations. I have expensive taste, apparently.) I caught myself this morning […]

The Unmanageable Mess

What in your life have you left untouched? By that I mean it’s something that you know you should have dealt with, or organized, or labeled from the getgo … but you didn’t. Maybe it’s hundreds of unread emails lurking in your inbox. Maybe it’s a pile of photographs that’s only growing over the years. Or is it those receipts, or medical papers, or useful documents that you just stuffed into a file cabinet? These kinds of things will never […]

Let’s Relearn the Lost Art of Gratitude

Conversations echo around the big lunch room. Well-dressed people sit at tables eating and chatting. “You would not believe how slow my computer is running today.” “My co-worker is driving me nuts! She can’t stop talking.” “I can’t believe my husband expects me to make dinner every single night. He never helps out with the kids!” “Oh my gosh, guys, the heater in my car stopped working. In November! It couldn’t have been worse timing.” While some may be legitimate […]

Why “Ariel the Human?”

While it’s true that “Ariel the Human” is a play on words, its real meaning is a whole lot deeper. And I actually stumbled upon it quite by accident. A few years ago when I set up my email account, I decided on using “arielthehuman” as part of it, because every time I meet someone they say “Oh! Like Ariel the Mermaid!” when they hear my name. When I was trying to think of a name for my vlog, I initally considered […]

Don’t Save It

“I can’t use those candles, I’m saving them for later.” “No, don’t eat those chocolates! I’m saving them!” “That bottle of wine is for a special occasion.” How many times have you said something similar? The candle, chocolate, wine or whatever it is is special to you. Maybe it cost more than you’d usually spend, or you just feel that to burn candles for everyday life would make them lose their importance. Those are good, legitimate reasons for keeping those things. But […]

A “Happy” List

Hot tea. Autumn leaves on the street. Journaling. Have you ever sat down to create a list of things that make you happy? I decided to do so, and it proved to be a very successful experiment. If nothing else, it encouraged me to actually enjoy these things more than I do now! I’m not a Pinterest fan, but I thought it would be a good use of the app to create a visual list of these things. Check it […]