Create vs. Consume

On this blustery day, I’ve been reflecting on the unconscious choice we all make every day. To consume. It’s not “bad” and it’s not a purposeful choice, it’s just a default. I know it’s true for me at least. When I have minutes to spare, I tend to either start browsing social media, or do some form of shopping. (Shopping for me is usually not clothes, but houses and vacations. I have expensive taste, apparently.)

I caught myself this morning looking at homes (we’re not planning on buying for a few years so it was not productive in the least). I hadn’t chosen to, it just happened. I was so easily drawn into consuming, rather than creating.

I’m not pretending creating isn’t harder – it is. And sometimes our minds really need the rest and need to consume in some way. We have to be impressed (in the sense of letting things into our mind) before we can express. But if we’re honest, having enough to consume is so not the issue – the issue is that we consume too much and create too little. We have so much going in, but so little going out, that our brains get bloated!

Okay, so I’m just hypothesizing here, since I’ve never studied this (but I’d love to!) But it makes sense to me. Have you ever felt brain-bloated? I know I have. It’s not easy to get started creating – but it can be simple.  Maybe it’s writing a poem, baking a sweet bread, carving wood, playing your favorite instrument. There are so many forms of creating.

If you’re a perfectionist like me, you might feel frustrated because your poem doesn’t rhyme or your bread turned out a bit dry. That’s not the point. This is creating for the sake of letting your mind rest and express. It doesn’t matter what your song sounds like, you’re singing it and that’s what counts for this moment.

If I may just mention one more reason why you should try to avoid so much consuming (especially if it’s similar to mine)… it can mess with your contentment. I was perfectly happy this morning, why risk that by looking at things I can’t afford? Why not express that happiness with creativity?

Just a thought. 😉

rest and express

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