About Ariel

In love with life. Fueled by dreams. Burdened by failure. Beloved by God. Deep thoughts and little joys are my BFFs.

New blog address (because I’m cheap)

My dear blog readers, I have moved to – I am too poor to continue paying for this domain name. Heh heh. Please head over there and add it to your blog-following-list. I promise to be posting more now that we are back from Europe! Thank you every so much for reading! This site will be down within a month or so, whenever the expiration is. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please have a beautiful day!

He makes no promise

I’ve begun reading the book of Job. It seems to fly in the face of Proverbs, which promises good things to do those who do good, and bad to those who do bad. Job is exceptionally righteous. And he is put through the most horrendous of tragedies. Proverbs logic isn’t found here, and interestingly that is what the whole book shows — how all Job’s friends try to make sense of his suffering, when in fact no sense is made. […]

On Canned Chicken and Expectations 2

This week I bought canned chicken. That’s kind of a big deal for me. I’m not a health nut, but I like to think myself on the healthier end. And definitely not one who buys something like canned chicken when I could easily buy fresh chicken breasts and cook them up. (Come on, that’s what crockpots are for.) But I came to a point where the thought of actually trimming the chicken breasts, plopping them into the crockpot with some […]


Grace is an enormous word. Lately I have been seeing and hearing this word from all sides. On the radio, in a blogpost, from my friends in conversation, in the sermon, in my daily devotionals… grace. What does it mean? If you close your eyes, then imagine grace, what do you see, feel and hear? I feel enveloping relief. A sweet release of tension, fear, and shame. I feel warm and loved. I hear singing, Him singing over me. I […]

Two Years of Marriage

The journey has only just begun, my dear. Life is an ocean, and we have taken a rather daring step by stepping into one boat to sail across it. While this allows for some splendid moments of sunset kisses and starry-eyed dancing, it also adds a bit of complication to the ride. We have own ideas for what direction to head, and how fast to sail. Though we are often in agreement, the smooth waters can burst into turbulent waves […]

On Big-Impact Dreams 1

Let’s be honest: I’m not the best in front of a camera. Not that I’m super awkward or anything, but I’m not hilarious. I’m not a “personality,” as they call it. I might be, but my past has crafted me the way it has, and I’m okay with that. Do I wish I was an irresistible personality? Yes. Duh. Because then I would be (to at least a degree) internet-popular and people might actually listen to me. That’s really all […]

Empty of Words

I’m empty today. I wanted to write something brilliant, inspiring, even profound. Instead I found emptiness. That should be okay, I think. It is okay. Because (wait for it) I’m a human. And sometimes, we don’t have anything to give. We just need to be filled up. So today, I thank all of the blogger s out there who have found something to share and to give. Thank you, because today I need to soak in all of it. I’ll […]

Don’t Miss Out (or, Why we shouldn’t try to be Happy all the time)

I love being happy. Absolutely love it. In fact, just last night I found myself with all these incredibly happy feelings inside of me, and they needed to be let out in some form of silliness or another. Whenever I’m struck with so much happy like that, I wonder 1. where the heck it came from, and 2. how long is going to last? Because I want it to stay. Being happy feels so wonderful. Come one, I really don’t need to go […]