it's me

Q: What's your real name?

A: Ariel Kostrna.

Q: Like, "Ariel the mermaid?" Is that why your blog name is "Ariel the human"?

A: No, I didn't just name it that because it was a pun on the Disney movie. Though you see now why I couldn't use my last name -  because nobody would have any idea how to spell it.

Q: Touche. So why do you blog?

A: I'm a writer. I write. The end.

Q: And don't you have a vlog too?

A: Yes, although I don't keep up as well on that. My vlog was mainly an experiment to try to be more transparent to people. Video allows more authenticity than writing. But vlogging doesn't fit Ariel as well as I thought it might. She's much happier writing. 

Q: Why do you care so much about being authentic?

A: It's something our world is lacking in pretty badly. Whenever we get on social media we see people's lives looking so perfect. That's not real, and it's not helpful. We're all humans. We all have messy lives, and yet all try to hide it. People need to see that they're not alone, they're not the only ones struggling. Vulnerability is so hard and so important.

Q: Does this have anything to do with your blog name?

A: Yes, in fact, it has everything to do with it.  I'm a human and I'm so far from perfect. It's important to me that people remember that, it's what connects us.

Q: Cool. So where do you live?

A:I live in beautiful, green Southern Oregon. I try to not boast about it to everyone because I don't want it to get overpopulated.

Q: What do you do?

A: Write. Sing. Compose. Eat. Think. Talk --

Q: No, I mean like, as your job.

A: Oh. I'm a virtual assistant (actually pretty rad), receptionist and freelance model on the side.

Q: What?! You're a model? So you're like, more pretty and way better than the rest of us?

A: Don't get me started on ridiculous social stereotypes and the preoccupation of our culture with physical appearance and how I really do try to gain weight and how our society is so messed up because people actually think that being a model is some kind of amazing thing. Just don't get me started.

Q: Okay, sorry. So what's your relationship status?

A: I'm married to a sexy, brilliant man who weaves chainmail. Yup. You are insanely jealous.

Q: Any kids? Dogs? Cats? Goldfish?

A: None of the above. I can't even keep plants alive. But I do plan on having kiddos, Lord willing.

Q: Speaking of God, why do you write so much about theology?

A: Because God is ridiculously awesome. The more I study about him the more my mind is blown, because he's so out of my comprehension and yet so intimate and involved in my life. He's so much bigger in every way than people imagine him to be. I want to try and show them that he's already burst out of the boxes they try to keep him in.

Q: Gotcha. Last question for you, what do you love (besides what you've already mentioned)?

A: Tea, cats, warm beaches, pasta, dancing in the street, journaling, snuggling by a fireplace, wine, tortellini, Studio Ghibli, ballgowns, hugs, talking to God, big bathtubs, jazz music, fettucine alfredo, playing the piano, castles, boots, live theater, candles, fall leaves … and ravioli.

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