Monthly Archives: January 2016

Empty of Words

I’m empty today. I wanted to write something brilliant, inspiring, even profound. Instead I found emptiness. That should be okay, I think. It is okay. Because (wait for it) I’m a human. And sometimes, we don’t have anything to give. We just need to be filled up. So today, I thank all of the blogger s out there who have found something to share and to give. Thank you, because today I need to soak in all of it. I’ll […]

Don’t Miss Out (or, Why we shouldn’t try to be Happy all the time)

I love being happy. Absolutely love it. In fact, just last night I found myself with all these incredibly happy feelings inside of me, and they needed to be let out in some form of silliness or another. Whenever I’m struck with so much happy like that, I wonder 1. where the heck it came from, and 2. how long is going to last? Because I want it to stay. Being happy feels so wonderful. Come one, I really don’t need to go […]

Better Than Life

“Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.” Running across this verse in my Psalm 63, I had to pause for a moment. Better than life. What an interesting phrase. How can something be better than life? It’s easy to say that something is better than life, but none of us have actually experienced not having life, so how would we really know? Perhaps then, this means simply that the object that is “better than […]