Monthly Archives: December 2015

To Speak Love in Your Language

How strangely we talk, my dear.   Each doing, as fully as we can, exactly what we want to receive. Each waiting vainly for that to be reciprocated. We give; why no return? We speak, but we cannot hear.   And the other, in being given to fully, receives very little. I bring you a list when you come home – see, here are all the things I got done today. Wasn’t I so productive?   You are not thrilled. […]

Create vs. Consume

On this blustery day, I’ve been reflecting on the unconscious choice we all make every day. To consume. It’s not “bad” and it’s not a purposeful choice, it’s just a default. I know it’s true for me at least. When I have minutes to spare, I tend to either start browsing social media, or do some form of shopping. (Shopping for me is usually not clothes, but houses and vacations. I have expensive taste, apparently.) I caught myself this morning […]